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Spotting A Fake Radley Bag

posted on 11 December 2009 | posted in Handbag and fashion Articles

With more and more auction sites selling handbags, it is not always easy to know that you are buying the genuine article. Hear are a few tips to help you.

Every Radley bag is sold with a Radley glossy, cardboard tag label on the outside. The fake Radley label will have a "red dog" at the bottom. The genuine Radley does not have this.

The same applies to Radley purses and other smaller items. If the label has a red Radley dog on it then it is a fake.

The Radley Scottie dog tag on a genuine bag will also be attached in such a way that it can be easily removed. On a fake Radley bag the dog tag is often permanently attached to the bag.

Radley bags or purses that have the Radley dog logo appliqued to the front of the bag should NOT have the word "Radley" embossed on the dog. The only time you should see "Radley" embossed on the dog is on the "dog swing tag" hanging from the outside of the bag.

Radley bags, purses and other leather products are sold in a protective dustbag with drawstring. Ask the seller if their item comes with this.

Most Radley bags also come with an "after care" kit containing a leather cleaner. Once again, ask the seller if this is included.

Remember you are the buyer. Before you hand over your hard earned cash, be sure that you are satisfied. If you would like to see more photos of the product then you can always ask the seller. The more reluctant they are to assist you then the more likely something is not quite right.


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