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Mirror Superstitions

posted on 14 October 2011 | posted in Handbag and fashion Articles

Despite us living in the 21st century, we can still be a superstitious lot - would you walk under a ladder? One subject of superstition is the mirror, which has long been considered a mysterious article.

The most common belief is that breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck, though this probably doesn't apply if you are over a hundred years old when it happens. However there is a remedy - you must turn yourself anti-clockwise three times after breaking the mirror. An alternative is to bury the pieces outdoors under moonlight.

The safest course of action would be to remove all the mirrors in your house, but then you would miss the good luck they bring by deflecting evil. However they must be hung high enough as cutting off the top of the tallest member of the household's head will lead to him suffering from headaches. If a mirror suddenly falls off the wall it indicates the death within a year of a family member. Perhaps the fastenings should be checked regularly to be on the safe side.

Some stories use the idea that there is another world on the other side of the mirror, Through the Looking Glass for example, where Alice steps through into a strange place. However the use of mirrors in literature goes back a lot further, with Perseus using a mirrored shield to reflect Medusa's stone gaze back at herself. Stories using mirrors are still being written with the Mirror of Erised allowing Harry Potter to see his heart's greatest desire.

A common belief in olden days was that part of the soul is contained in the mirror, and that is what you see reflected back at you. There were also thought to be villains that used mirrors to steal people's souls.

If you own a pig you could test the theory that they show an aversion to mirrors, and if you suspect that someone is a vampire you can check to see if they have a reflection, as vampires are reputed not to have one.

On a brighter note, mirrors can provide lots of enjoyment in the fairground Hall of Mirrors so get yourself along for a laugh, after first checking that your mirrors at home are secure.

An article by Stardust Evening Bags who are retailers of compact mirrors for handbags.

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