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Ideas for Mother of the Bride Outfits

posted on 18 December 2013 | posted in Handbag and fashion Articles

Oh Help! my daughter is getting married, what am I going to wear?

Mothers of the bride always have one thing in common, the swelling pride you feel when your daughter, dressed in her wedding gown and looking perfect, is walking down the aisle to marry her dream man; but you should also look your best by choosing flattering, lovely, mother of the bride dresses. Although the wedding dress has a big impact on the guests, you shouldn't forget that you too are in the spotlight that day so looking good is important.

Did you know that most dress stores have a whole range of mother of the bride dresses that are especially suited to the slightly more mature lady?

When I say mature, don't panic! I know this dreaded word conjures up images of frumpy, shapeless frocks that are seemingly just made to cover you up and have you blend into the background, but here I mean dresses that play to your strengths and actively help you to look and feel amazing!

The great thing is that you can also have some fun looking for a beautiful new dress with your daughter and her friends, so it gives you a great chance to really feel like you're a part of the wedding and bond with the girls.

If you're like most slightly older women then you may well have some curves that you're not so keen on, so the key to finding mother of the bride dresses in a style that's flattering is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then choose a dress that flatters or plays them down.

If you are carrying some extra baggage then where is it? You're probably going to be apple or pear shaped. In the case of apples your extra weight is around your tummy, and pears hold it on their hips and thighs.

Luckily most mother of the bride dresses are in styles that are flattering for apple and pear shapes, namely A-line and Empire cuts.

These two cuts both have quite high waistlines which gives them the benefit of a skirt that flows down just brushing your hips rather than hugging them. So rather than being snug and making you feel constricted and uncomfortable, these dresses at once both look feminine, yet flattering.

Pear and apple shapes will also benefit from balancing out their shape, so for this you need to add some focus to your top half with a suitable neckline and perhaps a bolero jacket or shawl. A scoop or square neckline is always flattering no matter your shape.

You see, if you add more to your top half then it will give you a more balanced figure and you'll look better.

Many mother of the bride dresses also feature short sleeves that cover a multitude of sins, especially if you're not keen on your arms!

Much like bridesmaids, you'll need to take your cue from the colour/s that your daughter has chosen to be the 'theme" of her wedding. You're still a part of the bridal party, so it'll be wise to at least partly match if for no other reason than for posterity in the numerous pictures that'll be taken.

A lovely idea is to choose the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses, but a few shades darker or lighter. Hence if they've chosen pink, then you could choose a very light rose color, or go darker and choose a red or crimson.

Complete your look with accessories, they can make or break an outfit. Colours of jewellery or handbags do not have to match perfectly, they just need to tone in with the overall shade. If you are a slim lady, then lucky you who can wear almost anything. Larger ladies, remember that chunky jewellery and a bigger handbag will have an instant slimming effect as everything will be in proportion.

Try not to stress and just enjoy the shopping, as the big day will be perfect no matter what you wear.

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